DIY Waterworks for Your Fairy Garden
DIY Waterworks for Your Fairy Garden
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Written by Diana Reaves, U.S.A.

Like us, fairies need water! They love to fly around and visit with flowers, and lots of times, they bring a little H2O along for their plant-pals’ refreshment. Invite your dainty ladies and gents into your fairy garden by including amazing DIY waterworks.

We all know that fairies have the ability to make our creations come to life and flow as real water. So give them the chance to work their magic. We hope you’ll find some inspiration in the photos below. From crashing waterfalls to quiet ponds, we’ve got it here!


Source: Happiness Is Crafting

We mean it. Your fairies will very likely swoon over such an ideal escape. Picture them jumping from the rocks and splashing into the lagoon. With just a pinch of pixie dust, this hot glue waterfall will become a real place to cool off and play. Your fairies will be stopping by every day for a quick dip!


Source: Gardening Steps

Blue glass gems and blue beads can give the gorgeous illusion of cascading water. You can use these materials to make a waterfall like the one pictured above, or you could use them to make a circular pond or winding stream. Whatever suits your fairyscape best! The powerful azure color is eye-catching yet tranquil.


Source: Elowezil

You can use recycled materials to construct this little beauty. The thought of a teeny sprite coming along to dip her toes in it makes me smile. This shimmering pool of surprise could be a quick weekend project, and it would add so much sparkle to your fairy garden.


Source: HubPages

It’s high time your fairy darlings had a pool of their own! This will surely become the summertime hangout in no time. Using cardstock, pool prints, and colorful plastic bracelets, you can have their dream pool complete in less than an hour. Add some of those bright cocktail umbrellas around the pool for fairy shade and an overall adorable setting!


Source: Mecraftsman

Since succulents are all the rage these days, try including them and sand, along with blue jewels for water. You might use glass gems, flat-back rhinestones, or aquarium rocks to give your beach-themed fairyscape an authentic feel. Surfs up, pixies! Refer to our blog entitled “Use Craft Sticks to Transform Your Fairy Garden” for more ideas about how to make fairy furniture like these precious Adirondack chairs.


Source: HGTV

You can actually bring in a little bit of real water. After all, it’s not going to hurt your plants or the fairies for that matter. Flip a shell upside down and fill it with water. You can even add some flowers, petals, or a pinch of glitter for extra character. Fairies can swing by for a sip or dip. And they might even leave you some floating treasures from time to time.

Water Is the Way

We hope you’ll give some of these ideas a try at home. Invite your children or grandchildren to get creative with you. Who knows what you’ll come up with together? Explain that as the weather warms up, fairies enjoy the water just like we do.

Pretmann’s Painting Fairy Set would make a stunning addition to your waterfall or pool section. The painting fairy could use the H2O for her watercolor paintings or the natural surroundings for art inspiration! Check out Fairies Direct for more blog and photos, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for ideas you’ll definitely want to try!

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