7 Fairy-Inspired Summer Crafts for Kids
7 Fairy-Inspired Summer Crafts for Kids
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Written by Diana Reaves, U.S.A.

Are the kids or grand-kids already bored this summer? If you don’t have them fairy gardening yet, then it’s time. We hope they’ll enjoy taking ownership of their designated containers and making some of the fairy garden summer crafts below.

1. Finally, the kids are helping with laundry!

Source: The Magic Onions

Encourage the kids to make some fairy clothing. These articles do not have to be sewn. Children can simply use material scraps, scissors, glue, glitter, and buttons to make pants and dresses for the sprites. Your kiddos might even make pairs of fairy wing-covers for rainstorms and chilly nights. Help them clothespin the items to the fairy clothesline.

2. Pitching a tent for our favorite pixies!

Source: Red Heart

The children will need to collect twigs of similar heights to construct this fairy-size tent. They’ll also need yarn and scissors, along with your help with the hot glue. They’ll learn to be neat and tidy, to tie knots, and to be patient as they use the sticks to form the tent poles.

3. Fairy lanterns make summer nights better!

Source: eHow

Follow this DIY guide to make your own charming summer fairy lantern. You’ll want to join the kids for this craft for sure. These require a good bit of materials, but the end product is worth it! Your little love bugs will be carrying the lights to bed with them, dreaming magical fairy dreams.

4. Save those bottle caps and corks!

Source: Kid Friendly

A little paint and some hot glue make these DIY fairy garden mushrooms a very simple project for children. They can use different colors, or they can stick with the classic red and white. Help them with the hot glue, of course, but encourage them to let their creativity shine as they paint these little fairy stools.

5. Build a colorful fairy village!

Source: Premeditated Leftovers

This could be a week- or month-long project, depending on your kid’s pace. You can find these little birdhouses all over craft and even thrift stores. They make perfect pixie playhouses and homes. Allow children to add paints, jewels, sequins, stickers, foam, messages, house address numbers, etc. to the fairy huts. Then let them plan a new fairy container garden.

Tip: You can also cut out fairy houses from recycled milk jugs. The white surfaces make wonderful canvases.

6. Hello, ladies, and welcome to the garden!

Source: Flea Market Gardening

This is a two-part DIY project. Send the kids out hunting for smooth stones. When they return from their hunt, wash the rocks and let them dry. Then allow the children to paint! They’ll love this, and these make great additions to fairy gardens. They might also try designing turtles, flowers, and other natural specimens.

7. Cutie, crafty craft-stick fairies!

Source: Artsy Craftsy Mom

Follow this DIY guide as your children have a blast making their own craft-stick fairies. You can add these to your indoor or covered outdoor fairy gardens later. They can have even more fun by naming the sprites and writing stories about their adventures in the fairy garden.

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