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What material is your products made from?Most of our fairy garden products are made from a Polyresin. There are however other products that are made from different materials like metal.

Are the fairies fragile?Yes – most Polyresin products are fragile. It is more durable than porcelain but these are not toys that will withstand heavy treatment

Can I use my fairy items outdoors?Yes you can, BUT … . These items are like small pieces of art. Each item is meticulously painted by hand. If you have an outdoors fairy garden, try to have it under some sort of cover shade to protect the paintwork. Make sure there are no access to cats, dogs etc. to interfere with your beautiful fairies. A UV protective spray will also be a good idea.

Do your fairies come with stakes / sticks?Some fairies do have stakes to help support them in soil or a planter. Others have a solid “base” they stand on.

Can the stakes be removed?Yes, the wire stakes can be removed but it needs to be done with care. Use a wire cutter (side cutter) to cut through the wire. Hold the foot between your fingers as close as possible to where the wire needs to be cut. Cut the wire in a straight movement, avoid turning the wire cutter side to side. This will cause the leg to snap.

Where are your fairies made?Most Polyresin products are made in China. Some can be sourced in other countries, but the quality is often lacking.

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