Use Craft Sticks to Transform Your Fairy Garden
Use Craft Sticks to Transform Your Fairy Garden
Fairy Garden Corner Set

Written by Diana Reaves, U.S.A.


This might be one of the most inexpensive ways ever to transform your fairy garden! Who knew simple craft sticks could take your fairyscape to the next level? Hold onto your seats because these ideas are about to make you sprout your own wings and take flight.


Your children (and you!) will love crafting this fairy furniture. All you need are craft sticks of all sizes, along with paint, scissors, rulers, string, glitter, buttons, and jewels. You can, of course, help them with the hot glue. Make this weekend a crafty, magical one!



Source: Better Homes & Gardens

This pixie picnic table is too cute, right? As you construct it, you can almost imagine yourself taking a seat with your fairy friends, enjoying the surrounding plants and passing around a pitcher of freshly squeezed honeysuckle nectar.


Source: Factory Direct Craft

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your crafty side is calling your name, fairy gardeners! These tiny doors are rustic and perfect for your fairyscapes. You can place them against wide bases of taller plants or in flowers themselves. Everyone can have fun pondering where these doors lead to. Magical rooms? Secret hideaways? Winter storage closets? Fairies need these things for sure.


Source: Meatloaf & Melodrama

This darling bench looks fabulous when placed in the soil or pebbles that create your fairy path. A number of Pretmann’s fairy figurines are actually made in the sitting position, so placing one on this miniature seat would look lovely! It might encourage a new sprite to stop by for a little chat.


Source: Making Friends

You’re probably already thinking of the perfect place in your fairyscape for this adorable, flower-adorned bridge. Perhaps you have a tiny pond or a blue creek among your plants, or maybe you simply want to add a bridge to your teeny walkway. You certainly can’t go wrong with this superb addition!


Source: Indulgy

Fairy-sized Adirondack chairs, anyone? Yes, please! You can leave these in their natural wooden color or paint them each a different color, creating a rainbow of seats for your little pixies! You could even circle them up, and with tiny lights and stones, make a fairy firepit huddle. What fairy wouldn’t want to join that warm and toasty fun?



If you’re feeling really ambitious, you and your children might try making fairy houses. If everyone pitched in, you might even have a fairy village, complete with restaurants and shops. The ideas are limitless when you let your imagination run wild. To teach your kids about organization, you could let them sketch out the houses’ plans before building. Who knows? You might have some young architects on your hands.

Bonus: You could even make a fairy treehouse!


Source: Truly Geeky

Layering popsicle sticks can lead to a gorgeous roof or a garden umbrella for your dainty ladies and gents. This makes the perfect mini escape for your sprites as seasonal rains push through. They can stop by for a break. Their wings get awfully damp in downpours.


Source: Nazarca

Your fairy garden is already growing to be so magical. Why not add a wishing well to the community? Grab a soup can and some cardboard for this one. And add your own unique flair to it with color, jewels, and glitter. Your pixies can pop in for a daily wish anytime they like.

Final Thoughts

It is best if this fairy furniture is kept indoors or outside under some sort of shelter. The rain, wind, and other elements might not be so kind to your creations.

Don’t forget to visit Fairies Direct to check out some of Pretmann’s fairyscape additions. We love this Garden Corner Set. Mix in a little music and sweetness with these two fairies!

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Happy gardening, fairy lovers!

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