How to Make Your Fairy Garden Feel Like Pure Magic
How to Make Your Fairy Garden Feel Like Pure Magic
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Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

Do you have a mature fairy garden in need of a little more magic? Are you just beginning your fairy garden but already long for some extra enchantment? If you’ve been searching for some ideas about how to make your fairyscapes twinkle and surprise, you’ve flown over to the right place!

Location, Location, Location

Fairy gardens that are a little more secluded and sectioned off create a sense of secrecy and wonder. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor fairy garden, some sort of entrance is ideal. It’s as if when you pass through the arbor or doorway, you’re surrounded by dreams come true! If at all possible, enclose your fairy garden with a fence, trees, or tall bushes; if you’re inside, dedicate a specific room or more private area to your fairy wonderland.

Lining a slim, winding pathway with rocks, bricks, or small plants adds some mystery to the fairy garden. Where will this path lead? What will we find? Your guests, kids, and grandchildren will delight in the cozy fairy hide-away. They’ll enjoy following the trail and admiring all of your fairyscapes, creative signs, garden ornaments, and plants.

Magic In the Air

There are a number of ways you can beckon fairies and spread a little bliss and cheer! Many people use glitter in a variety of colors to represent rainbow pixie dust, and that’s great fun for kids and adults of all ages. Recent reports show that it’s not really that great for the environment, however.

Make a mix of fairy seed, and explain that our favorite sprites sprinkle their “dust” over plants to help them grow. Why couldn’t pixie dust be sunflower, bird, and other types of seed? If any dandelion heads are sprouting around your home and fairy garden, encourage visitors to pick these “blowballs” and use their breath to send the soft white down sailing through the enchanted air. Don’t forget to make a wish!

We’ve even blown bubbles in my fairy garden, so that works, too! You could also dry out fallen flower petals and use those as your pixie dust. Movies and books make us think that the dust sparkles, but what if the stuff is really made of what fairies can find in the forest? Crushed up seeds, petals, straw, dirt, and sand? Have your kids forage and create their own magical dust—the real fairy way!

Wands & Lawn Stakes

If you have a grand entrance to your fairy garden, you might include a basket filled with homemade fairy wands nearby. Another idea is to have a craft day and let kids make their own fairy wands. It just depends on how much time you have. Your visitors can walk around your fairy garden, gently twirling their wands through the air. This is a great way to keep visitors from touching your delicate plants if you’re sensitive about that. We get it! It’s hard work. Tell them to tenderly tap with wands instead.

Lawn stakes are wonderful for indoor and outdoor gardens if you’re looking for ways to spark the imagination. These are especially educational for young children who are just learning what fairies are. You can include fairy, butterfly, and bird lawn stakes throughout your fairy garden as you introduce the elements of flight and make-believe.

Light It Up

Our last tip on making your fairy garden a place of pure magic is to add some lights! A few go a long way. During the summer, fireflies are so lovely as they float and flicker among our gardens, but they’re not always around. The rose lights pictured above evoke a beautiful night time fairy world as you stroll through your fairy garden at dusk. Twinkle, globe, and solar yard lights work well, too.

You can even use holiday strands or artificial candles among your plants and fairyscapes. Further, if you have incorporated fountains or small pools, aquatic lights are quite beautiful. We like to purchase colored spotlights and place them at the base of trees. The green, red, blue, and yellow lights shining up into the branches truly give our fairy garden space an authentic, fantastic, fairy-approved feel.

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