10 Fairy-Friendly Flowering Plants for Outdoor Fairy Gardens
10 Fairy-Friendly Flowering Plants for Outdoor Fairy Gardens
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Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

Fairy family! Listen up! If you haven’t already planted these beauties in your fairyscapes, you’ve got to check them out. These 10 fairy-friendly flowering plants are sure to be a hit in your outdoor fairy garden. They come in all shapes and sizes, and each has a special fairy factoid to showcase why the plant is uniquely suited to our beloved sprites!


Like fairies, fuchsia plants don’t care to be in the limelight. They prefer to dazzle us in cool, shady areas throughout the summer. These two-tone, delicate beauties come in a variety of colors, and their charming fairy-like appearance will surely be a garden invitation for any winged imp that passes by!


Snapdragons add both pastel and vibrant colors to your fairy garden, and they bloom in warm and even cool to cold seasons. Think of this as the “big city” for fairies. Your little friends can fly through, hide within, or even climb these magnificent towers. If you’re looking for some height in your fairyscape, consider snaps or even foxgloves.


Bellflowers come in all shapes and sizes; as creepers, climbers, and shrubs; and in blues, whites, purples, pinks, and reds. When fairies pass your fairy garden, perhaps they’ll note that the bells are perfect for tiny hats, as well as miniature bowls and cups. Check your local garden center for these darling blooms!


If your fairy garden is established near a pond, lake, or garden pool, you might consider lovely water lilies! Your spontaneous sprites will love hanging out in the gorgeous blossoms and even sitting on a lilypad’s edge and dipping their teeny toes into the water. Whether they’re resting their wings or visiting with the frogs, fairies will adore your “Lily Lounge.”


How adorable are these winter buttercups? They’re great for dark fall and winter seasons and even early spring months. When our shy friends are overcome by the wintertime blues, these pops of golden color provide a little warmth. They’re ideal for cozy fairy garden seats. Can’t you just imagine a cluster of fairies gathering here for a team meeting or fairy reunion atop these bright stools?


What do you think of these fairy-sized flowers? Fairies themselves could collect these tiny blooms for a fairy bouquet! Lantana comes in a wide variety of colors and mixes, and it’s known for attracting both butterflies and hummingbirds. Come, all ye winged lovelies! This flowering plant is a terrific container garden option.


Morning glories are best for groundcover or for climbing over pergolas and arches. You have to be careful with these little guys; the vines flourish and spread rapidly. It’s so miraculous watching the blossoms awake in the mornings and close up for afternoons and evenings. These plants remind fairies when it’s time for rest and when it’s time to rise. I like to think of them as fairy alarm clocks!


Pick a color, any color! These small hybrids are my personal favorites. I plant them everywhere, and they live through every season. Whenever I see them, I think of the singing blossoms in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. They are quite “loud,” and perhaps they sing a song every day, music that only fairies can hear. Try these in containers or in the ground. Despite their names, they are tough and resilient.


How dainty! Just like our fairy ladies and gents! These flowers are the first sign of spring in many places, and you must imagine a sweet nymph stopping by for shelter in those notorious springtime showers. Primrose creates the best fairy umbrellas!


Everybody knows a fairy’s favorite color is green, right? Though these mini chrysanthemums aren’t quite small enough to serve as fairy buttons, they still look like a comfy cushion for our sprites. And in my mind, the fairy queen wears a crown woven from green button petals. When you plant these, just know that you’re catering to royalty!


We hope you’ll try a few of these fairy-friendly flowering plants in your outdoor fairy garden this year. I actually just planted some snapdragons yesterday myself! Don’t forget to add more fairy flair to your fairyscapes by including some of Pretmann’s fairy and gnome garden figurines. And follow us at Fairies Direct, Facebook and Instagram for more fairy garden blogs, photos, and inspiration!

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