Begin Your Fairy Garden Journey
Begin Your Fairy Garden Journey
Sonya and Maya Fairy Figurine

Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

There’s really no wrong way to begin your fairy garden. The point is that you’re interested and perhaps even ready to jump right in! We’d like to welcome you to the fairy gardening family. We hope you’re here to stay (and play) for a long time. Keep reading for a few beginner’s notes.

Keep It Small At First

As you dip your toes into the fairy garden pond (metaphorically speaking now, but we’ll get to real fairy ponds later on), it’s best to keep things simple. Don’t overwhelm yourself. You’ll see impressive fairy gardens out there, but you don’t have to build a fairy wonderland overnight. Fairies are often shy and gentle creatures. They’ll wait for you.

You’ll need several types of plants, and the number will differ depending on your container size. Once again, choose a manageable vessel for your first fairyscape. And it’s best to go with the terrarium variety if you’re thinking about an indoor fairy garden. Aquamarine, Watermelon Peperomia, and some moss will look lovely. Don’t forget soil!

For the outdoors, you’ll probably stick with container gardens but experiment with plants based on sunlight exposure versus shade. We will say that fairies enjoy proportional flowers. Larger plants serve their purpose, but you’re beginning small and dreaming big, right? Consider dainty flowering and leafy plants for your teeny sprites.

Adding That Fairy Flair

Now for the extra fun part! Bring your garden to life! Some fairy gardeners leave fairy figurines out of their gardens. Sure, you’ll see miniature chairs, walkways, doors, and gazebos, but no fairies. Some create gardens for the invisible-to-us fairies, the ones lingering on distant limbs while we work. But we say, bring on all the fairy magic!

We encourage you to do what you like. But at Fairies Direct, we think figurines encourage fun and, most of all, new fairies! For example, if you place tiny Sonya and Maya in your fairyscape, others will fly in to join the adorable tea party! Pretmann’s fairies, gnomes, and friends are especially great for children exercising their imaginations.

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It’s Just the Beginning

The possibilities, you’ll find, are absolutely endless. Fairy gardens are for the creative spirits who appreciate details and nature’s wonders. Stay tuned for fairy garden blogs, step-by-step mini guides, kid-centered activities, and more! And keep an eye on the Fairies Direct community on Facebook for photos, ideas, and plenty of pixie dust!

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