8 Great Fairy Garden Stepping Stone Ideas
8 Great Fairy Garden Stepping Stone Ideas
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Written by Diana Reaves, U.S.A.

These fairy garden stepping stones will make all the fairies stop and stare! And then hopefully, they’ll make these teeny steps part of their everyday spritely journeys. These little stone pathways and stairways can lead to a door, a table with chairs, a swing, or new friends. The cute path could even simply create a pixie tour through the gardens. Your kids or grandchildren are sure to love these pops of practical color as well.

Follow along as we browse some inspiring photos of stepping stone ideas specifically designed with our winged friends in mind. One of these tips could put you on your next DIY fairy garden project today!

Planting some seed bead magic!

Source: Outnumbered 3-1

Here’s a wonderful, easy tutorial by Outnumbered 1-3 that’s centered on making these adorable fairy-friendly stepping stones. Aren’t they so cute and bright? Your pixie pals are going to adore the rainbow-colored, shimmering path, and the kids will have so much fun helping you craft them.

Better button up!

Source: Pinterest

In reality, these were shown as large stepping stones in someone’s garden, but how perfect would it be to create fairy garden stepping stones out of buttons? They’re the ideal size for those teeny slippers and toes. Grab your jar of buttons, or head to the craft store and let the grandkids pick out some colorful, fun buttons for the miniature garden pathway!

Patio and pathway perfection…

Source: Miniature Gardening

We love this helpful video tutorial, and although they’re designing a patio, we think you could use this technique to make a winding stepping stone path for your favorite imps. This step-by-step guide is sure to inspire you as you settle on the best stepping stone plan for your tiny garden.

Easy, breezy, beautiful stones!

Source: Pinterest

There’s not much to say here, but there’s plenty to look at! Use your favorite paints to coat stones that your kids find outdoors. Wash the stones, and let the kiddos do their thing. And fingerprints in the paint are fine; it gives the stones a literal “personal touch.”

Intricate pebbles for the patient soul…

Source: Beneath the Ferns

Plan your fairy garden walkway, and follow this awesome polymer clay how-to guide to create a unique set of stepping stones for your sweet sprites. Aren’t those swirls above pure magic? They’ll nearly put a fun, dizzying spell on you! It takes some time, but the final effect is worth the effort.

Mossy trails to you!

Souce: Victoria Miniland

Stepping stones certainly don’t have to be a single flat path. You can make your fairies climb to the destination. They can also sit along the stairway and chat with neighboring flowers, frogs, and butterflies. Use these steps to help you make your own steps!

Big-time inspiration for big garden goals!

Source: Black Flowers

If your fairy garden is larger, never fear. You can use rocks, smooth stones, and gravel to get the stepping stone job done. Your grandchildren can even carefully walk through the garden themselves. Make sure you don’t step on the fairies. And if you hear rustling in the leaves, don’t be scared. Your pixies are near!

We couldn’t resist…

Source: Next Deal Shop

What’s better than regular ole stepping stones? Glow-in-the-dark ones, of course! These blue and green rocks are bright during sunny days, and then they keep their brightness as darkness falls. They require no batteries or electricity, and they bring so much fun flair to your fairyscapes. Use them to make walkways, line fairy pools (blue), and create fairy lawns (green).

STEP into the Spectacular!

Maximize the pixie magic by adding some of Pretmanns fairy garden sets like this Fairy with Butterfly on Mushroom! Isn’t she precious?

Are you ready to try some of these projects yourself? Many of them can be completed indoors, so if you encounter a few rainy days in a row and need to keep the children entertained, make some unique additions for the fairy garden. You’ll teach them to plan and to make use of their time, even when it feels like nothing productive can be done.

There’s always something to do in the fairy garden, right? Keep joining us on the Fairies Direct blog for more ideas and tips. And don’t forget to watch for some magical photos on Facebook and Instagram!

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