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Magical Pumpkin Fairy Gardens Just In Time for Fall

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Diana Reaves, U.S.A.

Since childhood, many of us link fairy godmothers with pumpkins. There’s certainly a connection, and we’re saying that if you’ve never made a pumpkin fairy garden before, now’s the time. As the temperatures cool down, think about having an indoor craft day with the children or grandkids. They’ll love designing these spooky, fall-tastic fairyscapes!

We think you’re going to really “fall” for these beauties. And we think your friendly, fun fairy family will as well. Use your imagination, and the pumpkin possibilities are endless! Get your autumn harvest inspiration here, and certainly share the blog link with your neighbors and pals whom you know will appreciate these ideas!

On a dark and stormy night…

Source: Joann

So, you’re into those Spooky themes? Joann gives us a great tutorial on this dark and spooky pumpkin design. This would make a great addition to your covered porch or an October centerpiece for your table or party. Don’t forget to make some little bottles of pixie dust!

Once upon a time, in Pumpkin Hollow…

Source: Joann

We love this hollowed out pumpkin filled with moss and more pumpkins. See below for the perfect Pretmanns fairy figurines to place inside. It’ll be a happy harvest, indeed! Once again, this craft can serve as decor and certainly as a conversation piece. These orange and green colors put us in the mood for autumn!

And the flickering fire welcomed all to the Pumpkin Hut…

Source: A Mountain Hearth

It’s so warm and inviting, you may be thinking about curling up in the fairy pumpkin hut yourself. Your kids will love gutting the pumpkin. Use the insides for a pie and roasted pumpkin seeds. Let the children collect twigs, leaves, pine cones, acorns, and stones. Your pixie princesses and princes will come from near and far to gather around this fire and tell spooky stories.

The Pumpkin Cottage was said to be haunted….

Source: HGTV

The cottage roof steals the show with its pine cone shingles! Don’t you think? Again, you could let the kiddos hunt for stones, twigs, pine cones, and leaves. You’re focused on the outside of the pumpkin for this project, so if your children are a bit young still or you don’t want to spend the evening digging out the pumpkin’s insides, then opt for this cutie pie fairy shack. The gauze-y ghouls are simple to achieve, and they add an air of mystery to the place.


How perfect are these little pumpkins? You should definitely scoot over to Amazon and see for yourself the adorable Fairy Garden Stall with Scarecrow & Accessories! Nothing says “Happy Fall!” like black crows, harvest tools, and cool weather veggies and fruits. The sunflowers are a wonderful small touch as well. Your fairies will have their very own fresh market.

The Harvest Fairy let out a BIG SECRET …
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Spend your fall with us on Instagram and Facebook! We’ll have plenty of exciting, autumnal treats in store for you and your sprites. We love interacting with our fairy-loving community. Join the fun today!

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