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5 Ways to Light Up Your Fairy Garden

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Diana Reaves, U.S.A.

Hold on to your wings, fairy lovers! It’s time to light up your fairies’ lives with some easy, glow-in-the-dark enchantment. How charming! These tips are sure to fill your gardens and hearts with wonder.

1. Berry, Berry Fantastic

Source: Pinterest

These “fairy berry” lights are so magical at night. Whether your fairy garden goes to sleep indoors or outside, you’re in for a treat when these LED lights appear. Some of them even fade in and out slowly. You can place them within your fairyscapes, and they actually look like little fairies enjoying the nightlife.

The berry lights also come on strings, so you can hang them along tree limbs, pergolas, and windows. You don’t have to lose sight of your fairy garden simply because the sun goes down. Tip: Look up DIY tutorials on how to make tulle fairy dresses and wings to attach to the lights.

2. Sooo Cute, Sooolar

Source: Pinterest

Shop around for adorable solar lights like the glowing ladybugs pictured above. Can’t you just imagine your lovely sprites visiting with these polka-dot beauties under the stars? If your fairy garden centers on fun and all things nature, then these little gals are for you.

You can also find solar lights in the shapes of flowers, honey bees, butterflies, and more. Add light, color, and extra flair to your miniature worlds. Yours will soon become the fairy city that never sleeps!

3. Yes, You Most Certainly Watering Can!

Source: Smart School House

You’ve probably seen these all over Pinterest, but how cute would a mini watering can and twinkling fairy lights be in your fairy garden? This is a great way to shed a lot of light on your greenery and flowering plants, as well as your fairyscapes.

Your nymphs will suddenly have a place to take a summer shower or cool off in all the heat. Fairies looking for a new home will easily see this beacon of refreshment from far away. They’ll fly down and make your delightful world their own.

4. If Fairies Make Candles

Source: Recyclart

Were these acorn beeswax candles actually made by fairies? It’s easy to imagine that they were. The floating cap lights are absolutely darling if you have a fairy pool, pond, or fountain in your garden. If you’re looking for a real flame that truly mimics the flickering magic of fairies, then you need to make yourself and your teeny family a handful.

You might also pick up some LED flameless tea lights to decorate with as well. You can actually use pool noodles to make them float. See below!

Source: Create Craft Love

5. Fairies Direct Ideas

We love this Fairy Garden Gazebo Accessory Kit! You could easily wrap tiny strands of lights up the poles of the gazebo to illuminate this fairy scene as the moon rises. What winged creature wouldn’t want to stop by for an evening visit with a fairy boy, fairy girls, and their puppy?

Remember to check back for more fairy-forward projects and fairy garden inspiration on our Fairies Direct blog and Instagram. We enjoy gathering tips and tricks for you to try at home. And, of course, we love hearing from our fairy community. Don’t forget to share your photos and messages on our Facebook page.

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