Fairy Garden Corner Set
Fairy Garden Garden Corner Set By Pretmanns
Fairy Garden Garden Corner Set By Pretmanns
  • FAIRY GARDEN SET: The Fairy Garden accessories are made of long-lasting resin and are HAND PAINTED. The outstanding detail makes each of the items very UNIQUE and a special UV resistant paint is used to ensure the colors last long.
  • MINIATURE FAIRIES: The Sitting Fairy is 3.7” High and the Harp Playing Fairy is 2.5” High
  • FAIRY GARDEN ACCESSORIES: The Bird Bath: 2“ high and the colorful Flower Boxes are 3” L x 1” H.
  • FAIRY GARDEN FURNITURE Approx.: The Corner Bench is 2” H x 3” L x 4” L and the Rocking Chair is 3″ H x 1.75” W.
  • FAIRY GARDEN GIFT: The Fairy Garden Kit is a perfect gift for someone special of any age. It is the ideal gift for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter Holidays and Christmas and any special day in between.

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