Begin Your Fairy Garden Journey

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Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

There’s really no wrong way to begin your fairy garden. The point is that you’re interested and perhaps even ready to jump right in! We’d like to welcome you to the fairy gardening family. We hope you’re here to stay (and play) for a long time. Keep reading for a few beginner’s notes.

Keep It Small At First

As you dip your toes into the fairy garden pond (metaphorically speaking now, but we’ll get to real fairy ponds later on), it’s best to keep things simple. Don’t overwhelm yourself. You’ll see impressive fairy gardens out there, but you don’t have to build a fairy wonderland overnight. Fairies are often shy and gentle creatures. They’ll wait for you.

You’ll need several types of plants, and the number will differ depending on your container size. Once again, choose a manageable vessel for your first fairyscape. And it’s best to go with the terrarium variety if you’re thinking about an indoor fairy garden. Aquamarine, Watermelon Peperomia, and some moss will look lovely. Don’t forget soil!

For the outdoors, you’ll probably stick with container gardens but experiment with plants based on sunlight exposure versus shade. We will say that fairies enjoy proportional flowers. Larger plants serve their purpose, but you’re beginning small and dreaming big, right? Consider dainty flowering and leafy plants for your teeny sprites.

Adding That Fairy Flair

Now for the extra fun part! Bring your garden to life! Some fairy gardeners leave fairy figurines out of their gardens. Sure, you’ll see miniature chairs, walkways, doors, and gazebos, but no fairies. Some create gardens for the invisible-to-us fairies, the ones lingering on distant limbs while we work. But we say, bring on all the fairy magic!

We encourage you to do what you like. But at Fairies Direct, we think figurines encourage fun and, most of all, new fairies! For example, if you place tiny Sonya and Maya in your fairyscape, others will fly in to join the adorable tea party! Pretmann’s fairies, gnomes, and friends are especially great for children exercising their imaginations.

Link To This Set

It’s Just the Beginning

The possibilities, you’ll find, are absolutely endless. Fairy gardens are for the creative spirits who appreciate details and nature’s wonders. Stay tuned for fairy garden blogs, step-by-step mini guides, kid-centered activities, and more! And keep an eye on the Fairies Direct community on Facebook for photos, ideas, and plenty of pixie dust!


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Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

Looking for something fun to do with kids? Something that gets them outdoors or at least away from a glowing screen for a few hours? Do you have to entertain your grandchildren for a few days or even for part of the summer? Have no fear! Fairy gardens are here! Once again, fairies save the day.

Fairy gardens are a wonderful way to instill some very specific and necessary values in those young minds. Continue reading to learn how these itty-bitty worlds of plants, fairies, gnomes, and other miniature creatures and objects can benefit children of all ages.

Imagination & Perspective

Imagination is one of the greatest gifts we can help cultivate in our children. Even our teenagers need a good dose of wonder every now and then. Show your kids the importance of dreaming and pretending. With a fairy garden, these qualities certainly arise.

As your little (and big) ones are crafting this mini realm of plants, pathways, doors, and fairy figurines, they’re garnering perspective as well. They’re witnessing the fact that all living creatures are special and require different levels of comfort and accessibility. They learn it’s okay to be unique. I think we can all agree that this lesson is essential.

Commitment & Responsibility

Our kids also learn a thing or two about the importance of commitment. When they take care of their fairy gardens, they’re either planting seeds or plugs that will need some tender love and care. If left alone, the garden will fail. Let them take the reigns, have some ownership. Remind them to water and prune the fairy garden. It’s their responsibility to clean the fairyscape so the fairies will feel comfortable and at home.

Patience & Hope

With gardening of any kind comes the challenging but wonderful aspects of patience and anticipation. Children and teens have to watch and wait for plants to flourish. In a fairy garden, though, they’re exercising hope, as they also watch and wait for fairies to appear. It’s fun to try and catch fairies in action, but remember it’s tough to do. We often have to simply trust they’re around, blowing their pixie dust into the air, helping plants thrive and bloom!

Innovation & Consideration

Your family will have fun spying household and natural objects to leave for the fairies. In the autumn, children may gather acorns for their fairy friends. Maybe the fairies can use these for hats, cups, bowls, and even food during the winter. Kids begin to consider what the sprites need to survive, and they work to collect and even invent solutions.

Bonding & Cooperation

This is a hands-on activity for the entire family (and neighborhood)! Come children, parents, grandparents, friends, fairies―come all! We feel a connection to Earth, perhaps, as we play in the dirt and imagine fairies taking care of flowers and critters alike. Everyone works together to produce beautiful fairyscapes that fairies will certainly want to visit time and again!

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For the Young and Old(er)
Pretmann’s Fairy Garden Gazebo Kit may be just the thing for your children. They’ll be excited about gardening and placing the fairies and friends among the sprouts and blooms. We hope you’ll stay tuned to our Enchanted Fairy Garden Facebook page for more blogs like these. Best of luck to you and your family on your fairy garden adventures!

10 DIY Welcome Signs For Your Fairy Garden

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Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

Looking for a unique way to say “welcome” in your fairy garden? Need a weekend project outside among your tiny friends and flowers? More than likely, your little sprites already know you want them to make themselves at home among your plants, but a short and sweet note doesn’t hurt. Check out these 10 DIY welcome signs, and be inspired!

1. You’re going to “dig” this!

Source: The Tilled Garden

Have an old shovel around the shed? Maybe you’ve seen one at your local thrift store or antique shop. As you can see, this makes a creative welcome sign for fairies and human friends alike. Grab some paints, and brush on your own message!

2. Just a little hello…

Source: Livingly

How teeny and perfect is this fairy mailbox welcome? You can use felt, paint markers, and thin string to make this cutie. Even if you don’t have a mailbox in your fairy garden, you could hang this sign on a fairy door or stand-alone post.

3. “Wood” your fairies love this?

Source: Plaid

This wood-burned welcome sign makes for a fun project. If you’re new to wood-burning, you might absolutely love it and use it in a variety of places in your fairy garden. Some colorful paint and a finishing sealer make this great for outdoor use.

4. This welcome sign “rocks!”

Source: Pinterest

Head out to your yard or the woods behind your apartment or home. Search for the perfect rock. The bigger, the better! We love this design, but we do recommend more color and, of course, a more personal touch. Mention fairies and gnomes! Welcome them in particular.

5. The fairies are coming very “spoon!”

Source: Hickory Neck Co.

This small spoon sign is just wonderful for your fairy garden. We like that it welcomes both fairies and elves! Because we’re always looking for household items to use in our fairyscapes, this just tickles the fairy fancy. When you’re finished with the welcome and design, stick it right down in the soil. Voila!

6. Once upon a time, in a land “jar, jar” away…

Source: DIY & Crafts

Dress up a classic wooden welcome sign with an old-fashioned canning jar. Your fairy family will adore this extra touch. The flowers you insert will make the place feel more like home. We’re not jar-king when we say this is the perfect traditional sign with a twist!

7. Chalk it up to magic!

Source: Catch My Party

This hanging wooden sign has been painted with black chalkboard paint. If you like to change your messages to your fairies regularly, this sign is for you.

8. It’s a “gate” idea, and you’re going to love it!

Source: Hometalk

Sprinkle a little pixie dust over some popsicle/craft sticks, and suddenly, you have a fairy garden welcome gate. Honestly, though, some white paint and decorating skills go a long way. It’s so adorable! I want to open it and walk through myself.

9. The kind of sign that just “sticks” with you…

Source: La Celebracion

Use some sticks that you find in your yard to make this precious sign. You can have the kids help you find even more sticks and actually spell words using the twigs and branches. Personalizing the sign with your last name can be a unique touch. The fairy wings give this one a friendly, fairy vibe.

10. Go big, or go “gnome!”

Okay, okay: so this last one isn’t DIY. But it’s OIY. Order it yourself at Fairies Direct today! These two gnomes know how to welcome us into their world. And fairies can’t resist their charm. Also, don’t you just want to pet that fluffy bunny and hug that dainty hedgehog?

For more fairy garden inspiration photos, blogs, tips, and fun, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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How to Make Your Fairy Garden Feel Like Pure Magic

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Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

Do you have a mature fairy garden in need of a little more magic? Are you just beginning your fairy garden but already long for some extra enchantment? If you’ve been searching for some ideas about how to make your fairyscapes twinkle and surprise, you’ve flown over to the right place!

Location, Location, Location

Fairy gardens that are a little more secluded and sectioned off create a sense of secrecy and wonder. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor fairy garden, some sort of entrance is ideal. It’s as if when you pass through the arbor or doorway, you’re surrounded by dreams come true! If at all possible, enclose your fairy garden with a fence, trees, or tall bushes; if you’re inside, dedicate a specific room or more private area to your fairy wonderland.

Lining a slim, winding pathway with rocks, bricks, or small plants adds some mystery to the fairy garden. Where will this path lead? What will we find? Your guests, kids, and grandchildren will delight in the cozy fairy hide-away. They’ll enjoy following the trail and admiring all of your fairyscapes, creative signs, garden ornaments, and plants.

Magic In the Air

There are a number of ways you can beckon fairies and spread a little bliss and cheer! Many people use glitter in a variety of colors to represent rainbow pixie dust, and that’s great fun for kids and adults of all ages. Recent reports show that it’s not really that great for the environment, however.

Make a mix of fairy seed, and explain that our favorite sprites sprinkle their “dust” over plants to help them grow. Why couldn’t pixie dust be sunflower, bird, and other types of seed? If any dandelion heads are sprouting around your home and fairy garden, encourage visitors to pick these “blowballs” and use their breath to send the soft white down sailing through the enchanted air. Don’t forget to make a wish!

We’ve even blown bubbles in my fairy garden, so that works, too! You could also dry out fallen flower petals and use those as your pixie dust. Movies and books make us think that the dust sparkles, but what if the stuff is really made of what fairies can find in the forest? Crushed up seeds, petals, straw, dirt, and sand? Have your kids forage and create their own magical dust—the real fairy way!

Wands & Lawn Stakes

If you have a grand entrance to your fairy garden, you might include a basket filled with homemade fairy wands nearby. Another idea is to have a craft day and let kids make their own fairy wands. It just depends on how much time you have. Your visitors can walk around your fairy garden, gently twirling their wands through the air. This is a great way to keep visitors from touching your delicate plants if you’re sensitive about that. We get it! It’s hard work. Tell them to tenderly tap with wands instead.

Lawn stakes are wonderful for indoor and outdoor gardens if you’re looking for ways to spark the imagination. These are especially educational for young children who are just learning what fairies are. You can include fairy, butterfly, and bird lawn stakes throughout your fairy garden as you introduce the elements of flight and make-believe.

Light It Up

Our last tip on making your fairy garden a place of pure magic is to add some lights! A few go a long way. During the summer, fireflies are so lovely as they float and flicker among our gardens, but they’re not always around. The rose lights pictured above evoke a beautiful night time fairy world as you stroll through your fairy garden at dusk. Twinkle, globe, and solar yard lights work well, too.

You can even use holiday strands or artificial candles among your plants and fairyscapes. Further, if you have incorporated fountains or small pools, aquatic lights are quite beautiful. We like to purchase colored spotlights and place them at the base of trees. The green, red, blue, and yellow lights shining up into the branches truly give our fairy garden space an authentic, fantastic, fairy-approved feel.

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Pictured above is a lovely set of 3 fairies. This set is available here: Link To This Set

10 Fairy-Friendly Flowering Plants for Outdoor Fairy Gardens

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Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

Fairy family! Listen up! If you haven’t already planted these beauties in your fairyscapes, you’ve got to check them out. These 10 fairy-friendly flowering plants are sure to be a hit in your outdoor fairy garden. They come in all shapes and sizes, and each has a special fairy factoid to showcase why the plant is uniquely suited to our beloved sprites!


Like fairies, fuchsia plants don’t care to be in the limelight. They prefer to dazzle us in cool, shady areas throughout the summer. These two-tone, delicate beauties come in a variety of colors, and their charming fairy-like appearance will surely be a garden invitation for any winged imp that passes by!


Snapdragons add both pastel and vibrant colors to your fairy garden, and they bloom in warm and even cool to cold seasons. Think of this as the “big city” for fairies. Your little friends can fly through, hide within, or even climb these magnificent towers. If you’re looking for some height in your fairyscape, consider snaps or even foxgloves.


Bellflowers come in all shapes and sizes; as creepers, climbers, and shrubs; and in blues, whites, purples, pinks, and reds. When fairies pass your fairy garden, perhaps they’ll note that the bells are perfect for tiny hats, as well as miniature bowls and cups. Check your local garden center for these darling blooms!


If your fairy garden is established near a pond, lake, or garden pool, you might consider lovely water lilies! Your spontaneous sprites will love hanging out in the gorgeous blossoms and even sitting on a lilypad’s edge and dipping their teeny toes into the water. Whether they’re resting their wings or visiting with the frogs, fairies will adore your “Lily Lounge.”


How adorable are these winter buttercups? They’re great for dark fall and winter seasons and even early spring months. When our shy friends are overcome by the wintertime blues, these pops of golden color provide a little warmth. They’re ideal for cozy fairy garden seats. Can’t you just imagine a cluster of fairies gathering here for a team meeting or fairy reunion atop these bright stools?


What do you think of these fairy-sized flowers? Fairies themselves could collect these tiny blooms for a fairy bouquet! Lantana comes in a wide variety of colors and mixes, and it’s known for attracting both butterflies and hummingbirds. Come, all ye winged lovelies! This flowering plant is a terrific container garden option.


Morning glories are best for groundcover or for climbing over pergolas and arches. You have to be careful with these little guys; the vines flourish and spread rapidly. It’s so miraculous watching the blossoms awake in the mornings and close up for afternoons and evenings. These plants remind fairies when it’s time for rest and when it’s time to rise. I like to think of them as fairy alarm clocks!


Pick a color, any color! These small hybrids are my personal favorites. I plant them everywhere, and they live through every season. Whenever I see them, I think of the singing blossoms in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. They are quite “loud,” and perhaps they sing a song every day, music that only fairies can hear. Try these in containers or in the ground. Despite their names, they are tough and resilient.


How dainty! Just like our fairy ladies and gents! These flowers are the first sign of spring in many places, and you must imagine a sweet nymph stopping by for shelter in those notorious springtime showers. Primrose creates the best fairy umbrellas!


Everybody knows a fairy’s favorite color is green, right? Though these mini chrysanthemums aren’t quite small enough to serve as fairy buttons, they still look like a comfy cushion for our sprites. And in my mind, the fairy queen wears a crown woven from green button petals. When you plant these, just know that you’re catering to royalty!


We hope you’ll try a few of these fairy-friendly flowering plants in your outdoor fairy garden this year. I actually just planted some snapdragons yesterday myself! Don’t forget to add more fairy flair to your fairyscapes by including some of Pretmann’s fairy and gnome garden figurines. And follow us at Fairies Direct, Facebook and Instagram for more fairy garden blogs, photos, and inspiration!

Below is a picture of the Pretmanns “Stump Set”. A truly beautiful set!

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10 Fairy-Inspired Snacks to Serve at Your Next Garden Party

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Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

What’s a foolproof way for getting the kids or your friends over to your home and fairy garden? Promise them food! And deliver some fairy-inspired treats to put smiles on their faces. The preparation is so much fun, and everyone’s imagination will run wild as they munch on these nymph nom-noms. Bon appetit!


Source: Paper Prinsesa

These darling mushrooms will be a hit! Use raspberries and marshmallows or tomatoes and mozzarella. Place these atop green colored coconut or leafy lettuce. Every fairy needs a mushroom stool, right?


Source: Bella Festa

What a great idea! You can use these individually wrapped Babybel cheeses to make ladybugs! Add some spots, and you’re ready to serve in a flash. We’re pretty certain that these cute beetles are some of the fairies’ favorites.


Source: Pinterest

If you’ve got some sandwich bags, pipe cleaners, and some snacks, you can make these butterflies. Fill the bags with cereal, fruit, crackers, veggies, or a mix of things. You could put carrots in one wing and cheese cubes in the other. You know your guests best, so do whatever you know they’ll enjoy.


Source: Etsy

You’ve got to have a way to wash all these fairy-inspired snacks down, right? Label your signature punch or lemonade as “fairy potion.” If it’s an adults-only party, you might add a splash of something extra!


Source: Hostess with the Mostess

Meringues of any flavor are so light and airy. Just like a fairy! They remind us of dewdrops on plants after rain. I love to think about fairies sipping the dew from leaves in the mornings, maybe even washing their teeny faces in the small puddles.


Source: Babble

Watermelon and blueberry wands are so much fun. Before munching on them, you can give them a little wave in the air. You may also used grapes, kiwi, pineapple slices, etc. to make the wands. Whatever you have will work. Just add a large topper, and presto!


Source: Bella Festa

Fairies collect acorns for their cups, bowls, and even hats. So these little brown, earthy gems fit right in. Use mini vanilla cookies and chocolate drops to construct these edible nuts. Simple and delicious!


Source: Woman’s Day

Break out the celery and a variety of fruits and veggies to design some crawlers. Cream cheese, peanut butter, and edible eyeballs will help you get this job done. Grapes, olives, tomatoes, raisins, apples, oranges, limes, kiwis, cherries, oh my! The possibilities are seemingly endless.


Source: Babble

Make PB&J or cucumber sandwiches for your guests, but don’t leave the sandwiches as boring squares. Use a crown cookie cutter to give an element of royalty. We need to honor Her Fairy Highness, of course!


Source: BuzzFeed

You’ll have to think ahead for this beautiful trick, but this hard work will not go unnoticed. Freezing edible flowers in ice cubes adds so much to a fairy garden party table. It looks especially lovely in lemonade, fresh water, or even champagne cocktails!

Follow these Tea Set Fairies’ lead, and host a party for your grandchildren and/or friends! Let them wander around and look at your fairy garden. Then serve these fairy-inspired snacks. Be sure to find us on Facebook and Instagram for more blogs, photos, and tips. Until next time, party on, fairy-lovers!

The set above can be found on Fairies Direct: Link To This Set

Use Craft Sticks to Transform Your Fairy Garden

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Written by Diana Reaves, U.S.A.

This might be one of the most inexpensive ways ever to transform your fairy garden! Who knew simple craft sticks could take your fairyscape to the next level? Hold onto your seats because these ideas are about to make you sprout your own wings and take flight.

Your children (and you!) will love crafting this fairy furniture. All you need are craft sticks of all sizes, along with paint, scissors, rulers, string, glitter, buttons, and jewels. You can, of course, help them with the hot glue. Make this weekend a crafty, magical one!


Source: Better Homes & Gardens

This pixie picnic table is too cute, right? As you construct it, you can almost imagine yourself taking a seat with your fairy friends, enjoying the surrounding plants and passing around a pitcher of freshly squeezed honeysuckle nectar.


Source: Factory Direct Craft

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your crafty side is calling your name, fairy gardeners! These tiny doors are rustic and perfect for your fairyscapes. You can place them against wide bases of taller plants or in flowers themselves. Everyone can have fun pondering where these doors lead to. Magical rooms? Secret hideaways? Winter storage closets? Fairies need these things for sure.


Source: Meatloaf & Melodrama

This darling bench looks fabulous when placed in the soil or pebbles that create your fairy path. A number of Pretmann’s fairy figurines are actually made in the sitting position, so placing one on this miniature seat would look lovely! It might encourage a new sprite to stop by for a little chat.


Source: Making Friends

You’re probably already thinking of the perfect place in your fairyscape for this adorable, flower-adorned bridge. Perhaps you have a tiny pond or a blue creek among your plants, or maybe you simply want to add a bridge to your teeny walkway. You certainly can’t go wrong with this superb addition!


Source: Indulgy

Fairy-sized Adirondack chairs, anyone? Yes, please! You can leave these in their natural wooden color or paint them each a different color, creating a rainbow of seats for your little pixies! You could even circle them up, and with tiny lights and stones, make a fairy firepit huddle. What fairy wouldn’t want to join that warm and toasty fun?



If you’re feeling really ambitious, you and your children might try making fairy houses. If everyone pitched in, you might even have a fairy village, complete with restaurants and shops. The ideas are limitless when you let your imagination run wild. To teach your kids about organization, you could let them sketch out the houses’ plans before building. Who knows? You might have some young architects on your hands.

Bonus: You could even make a fairy treehouse!


Source: Truly Geeky

Layering popsicle sticks can lead to a gorgeous roof or a garden umbrella for your dainty ladies and gents. This makes the perfect mini escape for your sprites as seasonal rains push through. They can stop by for a break. Their wings get awfully damp in downpours.


Source: Nazarca

Your fairy garden is already growing to be so magical. Why not add a wishing well to the community? Grab a soup can and some cardboard for this one. And add your own unique flair to it with color, jewels, and glitter. Your pixies can pop in for a daily wish anytime they like.

Final Thoughts

It is best if this fairy furniture is kept indoors or outside under some sort of shelter. The rain, wind, and other elements might not be so kind to your creations.

Don’t forget to visit Fairies Direct to check out some of Pretmann’s fairyscape additions. We love this Garden Corner Set. Mix in a little music and sweetness with these two fairies!

Link To This Set

Happy gardening, fairy lovers!

DIY Waterworks for Your Fairy Garden

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Written by Diana Reaves, U.S.A.

Like us, fairies need water! They love to fly around and visit with flowers, and lots of times, they bring a little H2O along for their plant-pals’ refreshment. Invite your dainty ladies and gents into your fairy garden by including amazing DIY waterworks.

We all know that fairies have the ability to make our creations come to life and flow as real water. So give them the chance to work their magic. We hope you’ll find some inspiration in the photos below. From crashing waterfalls to quiet ponds, we’ve got it here!


Source: Happiness Is Crafting

We mean it. Your fairies will very likely swoon over such an ideal escape. Picture them jumping from the rocks and splashing into the lagoon. With just a pinch of pixie dust, this hot glue waterfall will become a real place to cool off and play. Your fairies will be stopping by every day for a quick dip!


Source: Gardening Steps

Blue glass gems and blue beads can give the gorgeous illusion of cascading water. You can use these materials to make a waterfall like the one pictured above, or you could use them to make a circular pond or winding stream. Whatever suits your fairyscape best! The powerful azure color is eye-catching yet tranquil.


Source: Elowezil

You can use recycled materials to construct this little beauty. The thought of a teeny sprite coming along to dip her toes in it makes me smile. This shimmering pool of surprise could be a quick weekend project, and it would add so much sparkle to your fairy garden.


Source: HubPages

It’s high time your fairy darlings had a pool of their own! This will surely become the summertime hangout in no time. Using cardstock, pool prints, and colorful plastic bracelets, you can have their dream pool complete in less than an hour. Add some of those bright cocktail umbrellas around the pool for fairy shade and an overall adorable setting!


Source: Mecraftsman

Since succulents are all the rage these days, try including them and sand, along with blue jewels for water. You might use glass gems, flat-back rhinestones, or aquarium rocks to give your beach-themed fairyscape an authentic feel. Surfs up, pixies! Refer to our blog entitled “Use Craft Sticks to Transform Your Fairy Garden” for more ideas about how to make fairy furniture like these precious Adirondack chairs.


Source: HGTV

You can actually bring in a little bit of real water. After all, it’s not going to hurt your plants or the fairies for that matter. Flip a shell upside down and fill it with water. You can even add some flowers, petals, or a pinch of glitter for extra character. Fairies can swing by for a sip or dip. And they might even leave you some floating treasures from time to time.

Water Is the Way

We hope you’ll give some of these ideas a try at home. Invite your children or grandchildren to get creative with you. Who knows what you’ll come up with together? Explain that as the weather warms up, fairies enjoy the water just like we do.

Pretmann’s Painting Fairy Set would make a stunning addition to your waterfall or pool section. The painting fairy could use the H2O for her watercolor paintings or the natural surroundings for art inspiration! Check out Fairies Direct for more blog and photos, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for ideas you’ll definitely want to try!

Link To This Set

7 Fairy-Inspired Summer Crafts for Kids

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Written by Diana Reaves, U.S.A.

Are the kids or grand-kids already bored this summer? If you don’t have them fairy gardening yet, then it’s time. We hope they’ll enjoy taking ownership of their designated containers and making some of the fairy garden summer crafts below.

1. Finally, the kids are helping with laundry!

Source: The Magic Onions

Encourage the kids to make some fairy clothing. These articles do not have to be sewn. Children can simply use material scraps, scissors, glue, glitter, and buttons to make pants and dresses for the sprites. Your kiddos might even make pairs of fairy wing-covers for rainstorms and chilly nights. Help them clothespin the items to the fairy clothesline.

2. Pitching a tent for our favorite pixies!

Source: Red Heart

The children will need to collect twigs of similar heights to construct this fairy-size tent. They’ll also need yarn and scissors, along with your help with the hot glue. They’ll learn to be neat and tidy, to tie knots, and to be patient as they use the sticks to form the tent poles.

3. Fairy lanterns make summer nights better!

Source: eHow

Follow this DIY guide to make your own charming summer fairy lantern. You’ll want to join the kids for this craft for sure. These require a good bit of materials, but the end product is worth it! Your little love bugs will be carrying the lights to bed with them, dreaming magical fairy dreams.

4. Save those bottle caps and corks!

Source: Kid Friendly

A little paint and some hot glue make these DIY fairy garden mushrooms a very simple project for children. They can use different colors, or they can stick with the classic red and white. Help them with the hot glue, of course, but encourage them to let their creativity shine as they paint these little fairy stools.

5. Build a colorful fairy village!

Source: Premeditated Leftovers

This could be a week- or month-long project, depending on your kid’s pace. You can find these little birdhouses all over craft and even thrift stores. They make perfect pixie playhouses and homes. Allow children to add paints, jewels, sequins, stickers, foam, messages, house address numbers, etc. to the fairy huts. Then let them plan a new fairy container garden.

Tip: You can also cut out fairy houses from recycled milk jugs. The white surfaces make wonderful canvases.

6. Hello, ladies, and welcome to the garden!

Source: Flea Market Gardening

This is a two-part DIY project. Send the kids out hunting for smooth stones. When they return from their hunt, wash the rocks and let them dry. Then allow the children to paint! They’ll love this, and these make great additions to fairy gardens. They might also try designing turtles, flowers, and other natural specimens.

7. Cutie, crafty craft-stick fairies!

Source: Artsy Craftsy Mom

Follow this DIY guide as your children have a blast making their own craft-stick fairies. You can add these to your indoor or covered outdoor fairy gardens later. They can have even more fun by naming the sprites and writing stories about their adventures in the fairy garden.

Don’t forget to check out our collection of fairies at Fairies Direct. Dainty scenes like the Flower Stump Set below are available, and we have to say: they’d look terrific alongside all of your handmade treasures. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more blog posts, sales, and inspiration. Happy crafting!

Edible Fairy Gardens You’ve Gotta See (And Try!)

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Written by Diana Reaves, U.S.A.

Whether you’re serving up some fairy garden birthday party delights or simply looking for a sweet or healthy snack, these edible fairy gardens are sure to be a hit. Fairyscapes are awesome to design, create, and cultivate, but when you can eat them, too, you’ve taken your fairy gardening to the next level.

Try some of these with your kids or grand-kids soon! It’s perfect for a rainy day activity if you’re looking to keep the outdoor magic and natural vibes alive! We’ll look at some guilty pleasures and healthier options as well. Put your fairy-loving, food-loving heart to work.


Source: Sunny Sweet Days

You can follow the dessert recipe from Sunny Sweet Days, or you could do miniature versions of this in individual snack pudding cups. If you choose the larger scale, the Pretmanns Fairy Garden Swing Set would be perfect amid all the edible decor!


Source: Laughing Kids Learn

What we love about herbs is that they’re very low maintenance. With a little sunshine and light sprinkle of water every week, these tasty plants thrive. The kids can enjoy the little fairy world, and you can also get some practical use out of the fairyscape. Choose whichever herbs you like. Rosemary, parsley, oregano, and chives will work! If the fairies don’t eat it all first, you can add some flair to your pot roast this weekend.

This Pretmanns Fairy Garden Corner set would look nice below all the leafy and towering herbs.


Source: Party Pinching

Work in the kitchen with your kiddos, and whip up a brownie mix. You might choose to do a large display like Party Pinching’s above, or bake the brownies in a square pan, cut them up, and allow children to decorate their own miniature fairyscapes. Plenty of sprinkles, nuts, candies, cookies, and crackers will be used in the design.


Source: Home Is Where the Boat Is

This is a fairy garden to get out of bed for! Decorate your stacked pancakes, waffles, or crepes with colorful berries, edible flowers, and whipped cream. Have your breakfast on the porch or out in the garden near your fairyscapes. Watch for a few berries to magically disappear when you’re not looking. Fairies love berries!


Source: The Decorated Cookie

You’ll need all the marshamallows for this delicious project: jumbo, regular, flat-stack, and even minis! You’ll also want to pick up some edible ink markers. The Decorated Cookie recommends a few kinds. You can also paint with food coloring. Make this one during the day, and after dinner, bring your fairy village display out for all to enjoy.


Source: Etsy Journal

Break out the graham crackers, pretzels, coconut, peanut butter, crispy treats, candy, and food coloring. How amazing is this fairy hut and yard? And it’s totally edible. After you’re finished, play a little while and snack as you do. The Etsy tutorial is super helpful as you construct this natural beauty.


Source: Garden Therapy

Cool as a cucumber. Wait, fresh as a watermelon? These look like fairy-size watermelons, but they’re called cucamelons. Aren’t they adorable? We recommend these for in or around your fairy gardens. You’ll have all the pixies in the neighborhood stopping by your fairy-friendly fruit-stand.


Source: Busy Creating Memories

As a final bonus treat, try making some edible pixie dust. You and the kiddos can sprinkle it over your edible fairy gardens, cookies, cereal, or yogurt snack. Find the recipe here!


We hope you’re inspired by these scrumptions-looking fairy treats! On those stormy days, cold evenings, or dangerously hot afternoons, you can have fun in the kitchen or sun-room. Bring the party to the table. Don’t forget to follow us for more tips and fairy-centered crafts and ideas at Fairies Direct. We love posting blogs, Facebook photos, and Instagram pics. And we’d love to have you along for the ride… I mean, flight!

Spread your wings, fairy fam! Try something new today.

8 Great Fairy Garden Stepping Stone Ideas

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Written by Diana Reaves, U.S.A.

These fairy garden stepping stones will make all the fairies stop and stare! And then hopefully, they’ll make these teeny steps part of their everyday spritely journeys. These little stone pathways and stairways can lead to a door, a table with chairs, a swing, or new friends. The cute path could even simply create a pixie tour through the gardens. Your kids or grandchildren are sure to love these pops of practical color as well.

Follow along as we browse some inspiring photos of stepping stone ideas specifically designed with our winged friends in mind. One of these tips could put you on your next DIY fairy garden project today!

Planting some seed bead magic!

Source: Outnumbered 3-1

Here’s a wonderful, easy tutorial by Outnumbered 1-3 that’s centered on making these adorable fairy-friendly stepping stones. Aren’t they so cute and bright? Your pixie pals are going to adore the rainbow-colored, shimmering path, and the kids will have so much fun helping you craft them.

Better button up!

Source: Pinterest

In reality, these were shown as large stepping stones in someone’s garden, but how perfect would it be to create fairy garden stepping stones out of buttons? They’re the ideal size for those teeny slippers and toes. Grab your jar of buttons, or head to the craft store and let the grandkids pick out some colorful, fun buttons for the miniature garden pathway!

Patio and pathway perfection…

Source: Miniature Gardening

We love this helpful video tutorial, and although they’re designing a patio, we think you could use this technique to make a winding stepping stone path for your favorite imps. This step-by-step guide is sure to inspire you as you settle on the best stepping stone plan for your tiny garden.

Easy, breezy, beautiful stones!

Source: Pinterest

There’s not much to say here, but there’s plenty to look at! Use your favorite paints to coat stones that your kids find outdoors. Wash the stones, and let the kiddos do their thing. And fingerprints in the paint are fine; it gives the stones a literal “personal touch.”

Intricate pebbles for the patient soul…

Source: Beneath the Ferns

Plan your fairy garden walkway, and follow this awesome polymer clay how-to guide to create a unique set of stepping stones for your sweet sprites. Aren’t those swirls above pure magic? They’ll nearly put a fun, dizzying spell on you! It takes some time, but the final effect is worth the effort.

Mossy trails to you!

Souce: Victoria Miniland

Stepping stones certainly don’t have to be a single flat path. You can make your fairies climb to the destination. They can also sit along the stairway and chat with neighboring flowers, frogs, and butterflies. Use these steps to help you make your own steps!

Big-time inspiration for big garden goals!

Source: Black Flowers

If your fairy garden is larger, never fear. You can use rocks, smooth stones, and gravel to get the stepping stone job done. Your grandchildren can even carefully walk through the garden themselves. Make sure you don’t step on the fairies. And if you hear rustling in the leaves, don’t be scared. Your pixies are near!

We couldn’t resist…

Source: Next Deal Shop

What’s better than regular ole stepping stones? Glow-in-the-dark ones, of course! These blue and green rocks are bright during sunny days, and then they keep their brightness as darkness falls. They require no batteries or electricity, and they bring so much fun flair to your fairyscapes. Use them to make walkways, line fairy pools (blue), and create fairy lawns (green).

STEP into the Spectacular!

Maximize the pixie magic by adding some of Pretmanns fairy garden sets like this Fairy with Butterfly on Mushroom! Isn’t she precious?

Are you ready to try some of these projects yourself? Many of them can be completed indoors, so if you encounter a few rainy days in a row and need to keep the children entertained, make some unique additions for the fairy garden. You’ll teach them to plan and to make use of their time, even when it feels like nothing productive can be done.

There’s always something to do in the fairy garden, right? Keep joining us on the Fairies Direct blog for more ideas and tips. And don’t forget to watch for some magical photos on Facebook and Instagram!

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To the Rescue!

Spending time making these items is a lot of fun.
If you really don’t have time to do it yourself, then look at the Pathway and Fence set from Pretmanns.

5 Ways to Light Up Your Fairy Garden

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Diana Reaves, U.S.A.

Hold on to your wings, fairy lovers! It’s time to light up your fairies’ lives with some easy, glow-in-the-dark enchantment. How charming! These tips are sure to fill your gardens and hearts with wonder.

1. Berry, Berry Fantastic

Source: Pinterest

These “fairy berry” lights are so magical at night. Whether your fairy garden goes to sleep indoors or outside, you’re in for a treat when these LED lights appear. Some of them even fade in and out slowly. You can place them within your fairyscapes, and they actually look like little fairies enjoying the nightlife.

The berry lights also come on strings, so you can hang them along tree limbs, pergolas, and windows. You don’t have to lose sight of your fairy garden simply because the sun goes down. Tip: Look up DIY tutorials on how to make tulle fairy dresses and wings to attach to the lights.

2. Sooo Cute, Sooolar

Source: Pinterest

Shop around for adorable solar lights like the glowing ladybugs pictured above. Can’t you just imagine your lovely sprites visiting with these polka-dot beauties under the stars? If your fairy garden centers on fun and all things nature, then these little gals are for you.

You can also find solar lights in the shapes of flowers, honey bees, butterflies, and more. Add light, color, and extra flair to your miniature worlds. Yours will soon become the fairy city that never sleeps!

3. Yes, You Most Certainly Watering Can!

Source: Smart School House

You’ve probably seen these all over Pinterest, but how cute would a mini watering can and twinkling fairy lights be in your fairy garden? This is a great way to shed a lot of light on your greenery and flowering plants, as well as your fairyscapes.

Your nymphs will suddenly have a place to take a summer shower or cool off in all the heat. Fairies looking for a new home will easily see this beacon of refreshment from far away. They’ll fly down and make your delightful world their own.

4. If Fairies Make Candles

Source: Recyclart

Were these acorn beeswax candles actually made by fairies? It’s easy to imagine that they were. The floating cap lights are absolutely darling if you have a fairy pool, pond, or fountain in your garden. If you’re looking for a real flame that truly mimics the flickering magic of fairies, then you need to make yourself and your teeny family a handful.

You might also pick up some LED flameless tea lights to decorate with as well. You can actually use pool noodles to make them float. See below!

Source: Create Craft Love

5. Fairies Direct Ideas

We love this Fairy Garden Gazebo Accessory Kit! You could easily wrap tiny strands of lights up the poles of the gazebo to illuminate this fairy scene as the moon rises. What winged creature wouldn’t want to stop by for an evening visit with a fairy boy, fairy girls, and their puppy?

Remember to check back for more fairy-forward projects and fairy garden inspiration on our Fairies Direct blog and Instagram. We enjoy gathering tips and tricks for you to try at home. And, of course, we love hearing from our fairy community. Don’t forget to share your photos and messages on our Facebook page.

Magical Pumpkin Fairy Gardens Just In Time for Fall

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Diana Reaves, U.S.A.

Since childhood, many of us link fairy godmothers with pumpkins. There’s certainly a connection, and we’re saying that if you’ve never made a pumpkin fairy garden before, now’s the time. As the temperatures cool down, think about having an indoor craft day with the children or grandkids. They’ll love designing these spooky, fall-tastic fairyscapes!

We think you’re going to really “fall” for these beauties. And we think your friendly, fun fairy family will as well. Use your imagination, and the pumpkin possibilities are endless! Get your autumn harvest inspiration here, and certainly share the blog link with your neighbors and pals whom you know will appreciate these ideas!

On a dark and stormy night…

Source: Joann

So, you’re into those Spooky themes? Joann gives us a great tutorial on this dark and spooky pumpkin design. This would make a great addition to your covered porch or an October centerpiece for your table or party. Don’t forget to make some little bottles of pixie dust!

Once upon a time, in Pumpkin Hollow…

Source: Joann

We love this hollowed out pumpkin filled with moss and more pumpkins. See below for the perfect Pretmanns fairy figurines to place inside. It’ll be a happy harvest, indeed! Once again, this craft can serve as decor and certainly as a conversation piece. These orange and green colors put us in the mood for autumn!

And the flickering fire welcomed all to the Pumpkin Hut…

Source: A Mountain Hearth

It’s so warm and inviting, you may be thinking about curling up in the fairy pumpkin hut yourself. Your kids will love gutting the pumpkin. Use the insides for a pie and roasted pumpkin seeds. Let the children collect twigs, leaves, pine cones, acorns, and stones. Your pixie princesses and princes will come from near and far to gather around this fire and tell spooky stories.

The Pumpkin Cottage was said to be haunted….

Source: HGTV

The cottage roof steals the show with its pine cone shingles! Don’t you think? Again, you could let the kiddos hunt for stones, twigs, pine cones, and leaves. You’re focused on the outside of the pumpkin for this project, so if your children are a bit young still or you don’t want to spend the evening digging out the pumpkin’s insides, then opt for this cutie pie fairy shack. The gauze-y ghouls are simple to achieve, and they add an air of mystery to the place.


How perfect are these little pumpkins? You should definitely scoot over to Amazon and see for yourself the adorable Fairy Garden Stall with Scarecrow & Accessories! Nothing says “Happy Fall!” like black crows, harvest tools, and cool weather veggies and fruits. The sunflowers are a wonderful small touch as well. Your fairies will have their very own fresh market.

The Harvest Fairy let out a BIG SECRET …
This set is currently selling at a HUGE discount on Amazon!

Spend your fall with us on Instagram and Facebook! We’ll have plenty of exciting, autumnal treats in store for you and your sprites. We love interacting with our fairy-loving community. Join the fun today!