Begin Your Fairy Garden Journey

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Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

There’s really no wrong way to begin your fairy garden. The point is that you’re interested and perhaps even ready to jump right in! We’d like to welcome you to the fairy gardening family. We hope you’re here to stay (and play) for a long time. Keep reading for a few beginner’s notes.

Keep It Small At First

As you dip your toes into the fairy garden pond (metaphorically speaking now, but we’ll get to real fairy ponds later on), it’s best to keep things simple. Don’t overwhelm yourself. You’ll see impressive fairy gardens out there, but you don’t have to build a fairy wonderland overnight. Fairies are often shy and gentle creatures. They’ll wait for you.

You’ll need several types of plants, and the number will differ depending on your container size. Once again, choose a manageable vessel for your first fairyscape. And it’s best to go with the terrarium variety if you’re thinking about an indoor fairy garden. Aquamarine, Watermelon Peperomia, and some moss will look lovely. Don’t forget soil!

For the outdoors, you’ll probably stick with container gardens but experiment with plants based on sunlight exposure versus shade. We will say that fairies enjoy proportional flowers. Larger plants serve their purpose, but you’re beginning small and dreaming big, right? Consider dainty flowering and leafy plants for your teeny sprites.

Adding That Fairy Flair

Now for the extra fun part! Bring your garden to life! Some fairy gardeners leave fairy figurines out of their gardens. Sure, you’ll see miniature chairs, walkways, doors, and gazebos, but no fairies. Some create gardens for the invisible-to-us fairies, the ones lingering on distant limbs while we work. But we say, bring on all the fairy magic!

We encourage you to do what you like. But at Fairies Direct, we think figurines encourage fun and, most of all, new fairies! For example, if you place tiny Sonya and Maya in your fairyscape, others will fly in to join the adorable tea party! Pretmann’s fairies, gnomes, and friends are especially great for children exercising their imaginations.

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It’s Just the Beginning

The possibilities, you’ll find, are absolutely endless. Fairy gardens are for the creative spirits who appreciate details and nature’s wonders. Stay tuned for fairy garden blogs, step-by-step mini guides, kid-centered activities, and more! And keep an eye on the Fairies Direct community on Facebook for photos, ideas, and plenty of pixie dust!


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Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

Looking for something fun to do with kids? Something that gets them outdoors or at least away from a glowing screen for a few hours? Do you have to entertain your grandchildren for a few days or even for part of the summer? Have no fear! Fairy gardens are here! Once again, fairies save the day.

Fairy gardens are a wonderful way to instill some very specific and necessary values in those young minds. Continue reading to learn how these itty-bitty worlds of plants, fairies, gnomes, and other miniature creatures and objects can benefit children of all ages.

Imagination & Perspective

Imagination is one of the greatest gifts we can help cultivate in our children. Even our teenagers need a good dose of wonder every now and then. Show your kids the importance of dreaming and pretending. With a fairy garden, these qualities certainly arise.

As your little (and big) ones are crafting this mini realm of plants, pathways, doors, and fairy figurines, they’re garnering perspective as well. They’re witnessing the fact that all living creatures are special and require different levels of comfort and accessibility. They learn it’s okay to be unique. I think we can all agree that this lesson is essential.

Commitment & Responsibility

Our kids also learn a thing or two about the importance of commitment. When they take care of their fairy gardens, they’re either planting seeds or plugs that will need some tender love and care. If left alone, the garden will fail. Let them take the reigns, have some ownership. Remind them to water and prune the fairy garden. It’s their responsibility to clean the fairyscape so the fairies will feel comfortable and at home.

Patience & Hope

With gardening of any kind comes the challenging but wonderful aspects of patience and anticipation. Children and teens have to watch and wait for plants to flourish. In a fairy garden, though, they’re exercising hope, as they also watch and wait for fairies to appear. It’s fun to try and catch fairies in action, but remember it’s tough to do. We often have to simply trust they’re around, blowing their pixie dust into the air, helping plants thrive and bloom!

Innovation & Consideration

Your family will have fun spying household and natural objects to leave for the fairies. In the autumn, children may gather acorns for their fairy friends. Maybe the fairies can use these for hats, cups, bowls, and even food during the winter. Kids begin to consider what the sprites need to survive, and they work to collect and even invent solutions.

Bonding & Cooperation

This is a hands-on activity for the entire family (and neighborhood)! Come children, parents, grandparents, friends, fairies―come all! We feel a connection to Earth, perhaps, as we play in the dirt and imagine fairies taking care of flowers and critters alike. Everyone works together to produce beautiful fairyscapes that fairies will certainly want to visit time and again!

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For the Young and Old(er)
Pretmann’s Fairy Garden Gazebo Kit may be just the thing for your children. They’ll be excited about gardening and placing the fairies and friends among the sprouts and blooms. We hope you’ll stay tuned to our Enchanted Fairy Garden Facebook page for more blogs like these. Best of luck to you and your family on your fairy garden adventures!

10 DIY Welcome Signs For Your Fairy Garden

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Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

Looking for a unique way to say “welcome” in your fairy garden? Need a weekend project outside among your tiny friends and flowers? More than likely, your little sprites already know you want them to make themselves at home among your plants, but a short and sweet note doesn’t hurt. Check out these 10 DIY welcome signs, and be inspired!

1. You’re going to “dig” this!

Source: The Tilled Garden

Have an old shovel around the shed? Maybe you’ve seen one at your local thrift store or antique shop. As you can see, this makes a creative welcome sign for fairies and human friends alike. Grab some paints, and brush on your own message!

2. Just a little hello…

Source: Livingly

How teeny and perfect is this fairy mailbox welcome? You can use felt, paint markers, and thin string to make this cutie. Even if you don’t have a mailbox in your fairy garden, you could hang this sign on a fairy door or stand-alone post.

3. “Wood” your fairies love this?

Source: Plaid

This wood-burned welcome sign makes for a fun project. If you’re new to wood-burning, you might absolutely love it and use it in a variety of places in your fairy garden. Some colorful paint and a finishing sealer make this great for outdoor use.

4. This welcome sign “rocks!”

Source: Pinterest

Head out to your yard or the woods behind your apartment or home. Search for the perfect rock. The bigger, the better! We love this design, but we do recommend more color and, of course, a more personal touch. Mention fairies and gnomes! Welcome them in particular.

5. The fairies are coming very “spoon!”

Source: Hickory Neck Co.

This small spoon sign is just wonderful for your fairy garden. We like that it welcomes both fairies and elves! Because we’re always looking for household items to use in our fairyscapes, this just tickles the fairy fancy. When you’re finished with the welcome and design, stick it right down in the soil. Voila!

6. Once upon a time, in a land “jar, jar” away…

Source: DIY & Crafts

Dress up a classic wooden welcome sign with an old-fashioned canning jar. Your fairy family will adore this extra touch. The flowers you insert will make the place feel more like home. We’re not jar-king when we say this is the perfect traditional sign with a twist!

7. Chalk it up to magic!

Source: Catch My Party

This hanging wooden sign has been painted with black chalkboard paint. If you like to change your messages to your fairies regularly, this sign is for you.

8. It’s a “gate” idea, and you’re going to love it!

Source: Hometalk

Sprinkle a little pixie dust over some popsicle/craft sticks, and suddenly, you have a fairy garden welcome gate. Honestly, though, some white paint and decorating skills go a long way. It’s so adorable! I want to open it and walk through myself.

9. The kind of sign that just “sticks” with you…

Source: La Celebracion

Use some sticks that you find in your yard to make this precious sign. You can have the kids help you find even more sticks and actually spell words using the twigs and branches. Personalizing the sign with your last name can be a unique touch. The fairy wings give this one a friendly, fairy vibe.

10. Go big, or go “gnome!”

Okay, okay: so this last one isn’t DIY. But it’s OIY. Order it yourself at Fairies Direct today! These two gnomes know how to welcome us into their world. And fairies can’t resist their charm. Also, don’t you just want to pet that fluffy bunny and hug that dainty hedgehog?

For more fairy garden inspiration photos, blogs, tips, and fun, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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How to Make Your Fairy Garden Feel Like Pure Magic

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Written by Diana Reaves U.S.A.

Do you have a mature fairy garden in need of a little more magic? Are you just beginning your fairy garden but already long for some extra enchantment? If you’ve been searching for some ideas about how to make your fairyscapes twinkle and surprise, you’ve flown over to the right place!

Location, Location, Location

Fairy gardens that are a little more secluded and sectioned off create a sense of secrecy and wonder. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor fairy garden, some sort of entrance is ideal. It’s as if when you pass through the arbor or doorway, you’re surrounded by dreams come true! If at all possible, enclose your fairy garden with a fence, trees, or tall bushes; if you’re inside, dedicate a specific room or more private area to your fairy wonderland.

Lining a slim, winding pathway with rocks, bricks, or small plants adds some mystery to the fairy garden. Where will this path lead? What will we find? Your guests, kids, and grandchildren will delight in the cozy fairy hide-away. They’ll enjoy following the trail and admiring all of your fairyscapes, creative signs, garden ornaments, and plants.

Magic In the Air

There are a number of ways you can beckon fairies and spread a little bliss and cheer! Many people use glitter in a variety of colors to represent rainbow pixie dust, and that’s great fun for kids and adults of all ages. Recent reports show that it’s not really that great for the environment, however.

Make a mix of fairy seed, and explain that our favorite sprites sprinkle their “dust” over plants to help them grow. Why couldn’t pixie dust be sunflower, bird, and other types of seed? If any dandelion heads are sprouting around your home and fairy garden, encourage visitors to pick these “blowballs” and use their breath to send the soft white down sailing through the enchanted air. Don’t forget to make a wish!

We’ve even blown bubbles in my fairy garden, so that works, too! You could also dry out fallen flower petals and use those as your pixie dust. Movies and books make us think that the dust sparkles, but what if the stuff is really made of what fairies can find in the forest? Crushed up seeds, petals, straw, dirt, and sand? Have your kids forage and create their own magical dust—the real fairy way!

Wands & Lawn Stakes

If you have a grand entrance to your fairy garden, you might include a basket filled with homemade fairy wands nearby. Another idea is to have a craft day and let kids make their own fairy wands. It just depends on how much time you have. Your visitors can walk around your fairy garden, gently twirling their wands through the air. This is a great way to keep visitors from touching your delicate plants if you’re sensitive about that. We get it! It’s hard work. Tell them to tenderly tap with wands instead.

Lawn stakes are wonderful for indoor and outdoor gardens if you’re looking for ways to spark the imagination. These are especially educational for young children who are just learning what fairies are. You can include fairy, butterfly, and bird lawn stakes throughout your fairy garden as you introduce the elements of flight and make-believe.

Light It Up

Our last tip on making your fairy garden a place of pure magic is to add some lights! A few go a long way. During the summer, fireflies are so lovely as they float and flicker among our gardens, but they’re not always around. The rose lights pictured above evoke a beautiful night time fairy world as you stroll through your fairy garden at dusk. Twinkle, globe, and solar yard lights work well, too.

You can even use holiday strands or artificial candles among your plants and fairyscapes. Further, if you have incorporated fountains or small pools, aquatic lights are quite beautiful. We like to purchase colored spotlights and place them at the base of trees. The green, red, blue, and yellow lights shining up into the branches truly give our fairy garden space an authentic, fantastic, fairy-approved feel.

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